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ZLATNO GRLO, ITS, online prodaja, apoteka, prirodni preparati, više infromacija na našem blogu

A completely natural preparation that has a beneficial effect on inflammation of the throat and oral cavity, sore throat, hoarseness and irritating cough. It nourishes the mucous membrane of the throat, protects the vocal cords and strengthens the immunity.



Seven carefully selected, traditional plant components:

  • Fructus Canarii
  • Flos Lonicerae
  • Oleum menthae dementholatum
  • Fructus momordicae
  • Exocarpium citri rubrum
  • Oleum eucalypti
  • Anisi stellati


With the application of modern technology that allows gradual dissolution in the mouth, they make this preparation very effective in solving problems with the throat, upper respiratory tract and irritating cough.

Lozenge Zlatno grlo:

  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • nourish the mucous membranes of the throat
  • strengthen immunity and
  • protect vocal cords

With its antiseptic, immunostimulatory and anti-inflammatory effect, Golden Throat lozenges protect the vocal cords and have a beneficial effect on all bacterial and viral infections of the mouth and throat, as well as oral candidiasis.


Method of use

Gradually dissolve the lozenge in your mouth. Maximum use up to 6 lozenges per day.



Not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers, as well as children under 5 years of age.


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